Serbian Professional Golf Association

The SPGA as the professional association has the following objectives:

Organisation, expansion, advancement and popularization of golf in the Republic of Serbia, in order to achieve top sporting results in golf;

Membership in the Confederation of Professional Golf;

Advancement of professional work of professional coaches and golf players;

Activities performed by SPGA to attain its objectives:

Collaboration with competent institutions on drafting of regulations which relates to the organisation of education and professional status of coaches and golf players;
Popularisation of golf and the SPGA through advertising activities in means of mass communication, by organising the sports competitions and entertainment spectacles;

Concern for the professional education, further training and professional advancement of the SPGA members;

Cooperation with professional golf associations of other countries and Confederation of Professional Golf;

Concern for the selection, preparation and participation of SPGA members in competitions in the country and abroad;

Organisation and participation in sports and other manifestations aimed at popularising golf and other sports in the Republic of Serbia;